I'm Joelle, or as most people call me Joe. I used to be a fashion designer until, one summer day, I decided to change my life. Basta, I had enough! And then I just did it. Good bye to my job, my lovely house, ciao to my cute little car, bye bye security and especially bye Holland!

Ciao Italy, ciao Lecce and ciao fantastic Bed & Breakfast...You probably know the feeling of being stuck in a rut and having the desire to make a change in your life. Like opening a beach bar, a coffee place or a lunchroom somewhere in a sunny place. That feeling didn't go away and I felt that I had to act on it. It wasn't hard for me to leave everything behind. The Little Dolce adventure had started! If it would be a success? I had no idea, but it felt good and I still have no regrets. Lecce, the baroque city of the south is so amazing, the climate is perfect and it's central position in the region is ideal. In addition, Lecce is a vibrant city througout the year, something that was very important to me, because doing nothing is not in my nature. 

In the meantime I feel right at home here and I am well integrated. During the weekends I like to go to the beach with my Italian boyfriend, Riccardo and some friends where we hang out until the sun literally drops into the sea. During the week we drink a glass of wine outside one of the nice bars
that Lecce has to offer and we talk about all kinds of things. When I bump into a friend on my way to somewhere, we always take some time for a cup of real Italian coffee.

If you would like to know more about me and the Little Dolce B&B, please contact me and hopefully one day I may welcome you in my Bed & Breakfast in Lecce.

Corte dei Sybaris 4
73100 Lecce


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