Puglia is Italy's best kept secret. It feels like you're in another part of the world. The red earth, the bright sea and clear blue sky, the green olive trees and the white trulli houses. It seems like a fairy tale. Spring comes early in Puglia. At the end of april, the temperature can be already around 20 degrees. The summer is long with a comfortable temperature. From the end of May until the end of September temperatures around 30 degrees. The sea warms up to 25 degrees, so a dip in the sea is nice and refreshing. Below, you can find some great tips, but of course there is much more to do and I'll give you even more tips and routes on arrival.



Lecce is the baroque city that will steal your heart because of the fantastic atmosphere that you can feel both during the day and night. Enjoy a visit to one of the beautiful churches, museums and ancient (old) streets. Don't forget to look up once in a while to see the many balconies and their characteristic ornaments. You’ll see that each building is different. Afterwards you can relax with a spritz on a terrace at the amphi theatre or enjoy a local wine in one of the many wine bars.

Ostuni, Locorotondo, Polignano al mare


Ostuni is a small town located on top of a hill and is also called the ‘Città Bianca’, because of the many cute white cottages. Wander around through the small streets, because every street is different and you'll find some breathtakingly beautiful buildings. Continue your trip to Locorotondo. On your way there you will come across olivetrees and vineyards. Be surprised by the many trulli houses and walk around in this town that gets its name from the concentric streets. After your trip to these idyllic spots, take a swim in the sea at Polignano al mare and have lunch at the beach with a plate of fresh local fish.

Porto Cesareo, Porto selvaggio, Santa Caterina

If you fancy a nice quiet day at the beach, then you should go to Porto Cesareo or Torre Lapillo. The sea is so clear, that you can see fish swimming 10 meters below your feet.

After taking your time to relax, you can drive down the beautiful coastal road to Porto Selvaggio. This is a natural park where you can take a nice walk and enjoy the scenic views. Afterwards you can continue your way to Santa Caterina, where you can drink a delicious aperitivo while watching the sunset over the sea.

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