The Little Dolce breakfast is different every day. For example, we serve coffee, tea, water with lemon wedges, eggs, bread, yogurt, cereals and muesli, fresh seasonal fruit, marmelade, cheese and other savory toppings.


When the weather is good, breakfast is served on the rooftop terrace. Luckily we have nice weather most of the time here in the south of Italy. During the hotter months we have a beautiful sun screen hanging on the rooftop terrace and in the cooler months breakfast can be enjoyed in the cosy living room.


Twice a week, the Little Dolce breakfast is offered at Doppio Zero. There you may enjoy a real Italian breakfast. The Italians usually eat breakfast standing at the bar with a pasticciotto or croissant and an espresso. They eat it within 5 minutes and then they continue their way to work. Feel free to take more time for your Italian breakfast at Doppio Zero and relax outside on the terrace. Breakfast includes a coffee or tea of your choice, a croissant or a pasticciotto and a good glass of juice.



Corte dei Sybaris 4
73100 Lecce


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