At Little Dolce you can enjoy besides a cozy room, having a good breakfast and reading in the sun on the rooftop also a relaxing massage.

Relaxation in times of stress. That is where a massage comes in to play. Proven through scientific research, it has healing qualities. With positive physical touch your body produces oxytocine, the "Hugging-hormone". This gives us a safe and secure feeling, in addition, it activates your nerve system, immune system and blood circulation. Therefore, body waste will be removed from your muscles.

A relaxing full body massage;
the front and back side of your body, hands and feet will be massaged.
Using warm oil for the best possible result.

Massage of 60 minutes.

50 euro per person.

(The massages can't be booked in July and August)

Corte dei Sybaris 4
73100 Lecce


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